Frequently asked questions

What’s the “fit” of your T shirts? I’ve been using Next Level Apparel t shirts as my blanks for six years now because of their quality.  My customers love these shirts. However, every now and then, I hear that “they run small”. They are a slightly-fitted T shirt. If you’re familiar with American Apparel, they’re not that fitted. But they are not boxy, either, like a traditional fit.  If in doubt, order a size up.  And know that you can exchange your shirt if it does not fit. See my return policy here.

What type of prints are your garments? I use two methods for printing my T shirts, plastisol screen printed inks for the majority of my designs, and dye sublimation. The "hand" (feel) of my prints is important to me in that I want as light as possible of a print on my garments.  For that reason, I do not use direct-to-garment printers.

Are the Lightweight Hoodies solar hoodies? Yes, and no. Yes, they block the sun. But I don’t consider them a true performance hoodie because they contain cotton, which when wet, dries slowly. However, if getting wet is not a concern, they are far more comfortable and breathable than pure polyester. Finally, they are much more practical for non-fishing activities. But keep in mind, they are “fitted”. If in doubt, order a size larger than you would a T shirt.

Can I return my order? When your garment arrives, please try it on immediately to check the fit. Assume, at most, a minimal 10% shrinkage. I accept returns within 30 days provided the garment has not been worn, washed, or tags removed. Please contact me through the Contact Page to let me know of your return. Learn more about my return policy here.

Shipping?  All orders ship within 48 hours, unless noted on my website that I am unable to ship until a certain date, (most likely because I am out of town fishing). In 2018, my average turnaround time between order received and shipped was 12 hours. I take great pride in getting my package to you as soon as possible. I use USPS First Class and Priority Mail. Fun fact: it has been over four years, and thousands of packages since USPS last lost a package of mine. Love those guys!

Packaging? Since I don’t sell anything that can be damaged in shipping, I keep packaging to a minimum to prevent waste. I have never received a complaint about a shipping package problem. However, canvas artwork is packaged with great care.

Do you make your own stickers? No, I don’t. I’m now using StickerMule. They make an incredible, long-lasting, high quality sticker that can’t be beat.

Do you offer a Pro Deal? I’m sorry, I do not. If you are a fly fishing guide or shop employee looking for a Pro Deal, talk to the fly shop you work for and see if they are interested in carrying my line and you can get your stuff at cost through them.

Do you have a “brand ambassador” program? No. In fact I think the whole brand ambassador thing is gross.

Will you donate your product for my social media giveaway? It will give you exposure, too! No, I do not participate in social media “Giveaways”. Exposure is not my priority, and I don’t really want followers who look for free stuff or fill my feed with shameless advertising. However, I do wish you success in building your brand. 

Do you sell women’s T shirts?  Not yet, but they’re coming. I’ve been slow to do so for two reasons. First, most women have been happy with the T shirts that I have by simply ordering a size smaller. Second, as most women know, women’s T shirt sizing has no science. It’s ridiculous, and counterintuitive how small the sizing runs on these shirts. In the past, when I did sell women’s T shirts, I simply had too many returns to justify this option. However, I am product testing a new set of women’s blanks and look forward to trying again.

What about kid’s shirts? Also in the works.

Where can I find Stripn sold at fly shops? Just about anywhere in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. My stuff is represented by Double Haul Outdoors and my good friend, Dan Short, who covers this huge territory for me, and has me in over 40 shops. I am eternally grateful for his hard work.

Do you do artwork commissions? Yes, of course, but mostly for commercial purposes. You can learn more about my art at

Do you do contract printing? Why yes I do, learn more at