100 Fish Day Hoody

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"I caught 100 fish today!"

We've all heard this before. It's not impossible. But it always reminds me of something a fishing mentor once told me.

He said, "Let's do the math.  Say you started your day early at seven, and you ended late, at nine. That's a long 14 hours of fishing. That's seven fish hooked, played, netted, released, casting and catching again, an hour. For fourteen hours, straight! That doesn't count re-rigging, untangling leaders, wading and boating, eating or drinking. That certainly doesn't allow for resting and reflecting upon the day's uncanny fishing. Because if it did, it'd be more like a fish every four or five minutes! For FOURTEEN F@%KING HOURS STRAIGHT!  So please, Dave, tell me again about your 100 fish day."

Well, maybe it was just 90, I stopped counting...

Exactly 100 trouts printed on a warm cotton/poly blend hoody, a classic for years to come.